MeVX Series High Energy Industrial CT X-Ray Inspection System


  • X-ray Energies up to 9MeV
  • Capable of scanning large components
  • 3000 lb (1360 kg) Max Capacity
  • 25.8 ft (7.87 m) Max Focal Distance
  • CT Scanning Envelope: DDA Max Diameter 48 in (122 cm), DDA Max Height 70 in (178 cm)
  • Reconstruct 3D models quickly using our 5-step guided wizard
  • Comprehensive acquisition, processing and archival program with user-friendly interface
  • High performance image processing and measurement functions
  • DICONDE compliant
  • Non-proprietary multiple image format
  • Computed Tomography acquisition module
  • 3D Computed Tomography reconstruction and visualization
  • Optional 4D Computed Tomography
  • Available with VorteX, SubpiX, and MosaiX
  • Energy Selection: 3/6/9MeV
  • Minimum Focal Spot Size: >1mm²
  • Output (Dose): 3-30 Gy/min
  • Digital X-ray Detector Types: Flat Panel (DDA), Linear Diode Array (LDA)
  • Pixel Pitch: 100-400µm
  • Maximum DDA Size: 16.8 x 16.8 in [42.7 x 42.7cm]
  • Maximum LDA Length: 35.9in [91.2cm]
  • Maximum Sample Weight: 3000 lb (1360 kg)
  • Maximum Focal distance: 25.8 feet (7.87 m)
  • Part Travel:
    • Vertical = 48 in (122 cm)
    • Horizontal (x-axis) = 48 in (122 cm)
    • Source to Detector = 132 in (335 cm)
    • Rotation = 360° Continuous
  • Motorized detector travel for variable focal distance adjustment
  • Part Manipulation Control:
    • All drives variable speed joystick controlled
    • Each axis is independently controlled
  • Dimensions: 380 in (965 cm) Long x 110 in (279cm) Deep x 135 in (3343 cm) Tall
  • Weight: 13,500 lbs (6124 kg)
  • Meets or exceeds 21 CFR 1020.40 and EN 61010-2-091 2012
  • Touch screen operation
  • Includes one ergonomic desk and chair

MeVX Series High Energy Industrial CT X-Ray Inspection System


MeVX Series High Energy Industrial CT X-Ray Inspection System


MevX High Energy X-ray Inspection System

MeVX Series High Energy Industrial CT X-Ray Inspection System

High Energy X-Ray Systems

The most advanced industrial DR & CT systems in the world are now available with Linear Accelerators. Offered with energies up to 9MeV, the MeVX series of systems provide the same ease of use as our low energy systems in a high energy format. Utilizing our current efX software platform along with the superior service, support & training that we are known for puts these systems in a class of their own.

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