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Industrial CT Systems

Penetrate the thickest, high-density parts with ease to reveal the clearest look at your products.

X-ray & CT Scanning Services

The most advanced X-ray inspection and CT scanning services in the industry.

X-ray Simulation Software

efX-Sim is a digital twin of your NSI X-ray system that accurately simulates X-ray interaction with your parts.

Training That Sets the Standard

Advanced technical training programs for Level I, II, and III personnel certification in radiography methods.

Support You Can Rely On

Superior preventative maintenance, remote support, onsite service and system relocation.

Nondestructive X-ray Inspection & Industrial Computed Tomography Scanning Services

Our technical expertise and turnaround times for industrial 2D X-ray, 3D CT, & High Energy X-ray inspection services are unparalleled in the NDT industry.

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NSI systems are capable of performing to the highest demands and the support received after purchase is the best in the business.

- System Owner, Aerospace Industry
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The software is very intuitive. We have several NSI units, and I like that if I am going to be out for a period of time, I can generally teach someone the basics of system operation and troubleshooting in a very short period of time.

- System Owner, Aerospace Industry
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I like the system’s range of flexibility/capability. Multiple scan modes with maximal geometric set up flexibility.

- System Owner, Military Industry
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The data package provided by NSI gave me all the information I needed to present to my customer. The NSI staff I interacted with were tremendously helpful and personable.

- Inspection Services Customer, Electronics Industry