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RobotiX Part Loaders

RobotiX part loaders allow for automatic part loading and unloading for reduced cycle times and increased productivity. Our RobotiX solutions, when combined with our Assisted Defect Recognition software, can significantly automate the X-ray inspection process. This is more important than ever in a tight job market where human capital is at a premium. Set-up and operation of our RobotiX loaders are effortless through a simple interface that allows the operator to easily create new robotic motion programs. RobotiX motion programs are created through NSI’s efX-DR acquisition software. This feature allows the user to program the robot and configure the image acquisition parameters all through a single software interface. This means your operators don’t have to learn another software program, which saves your company valuable time and money.


RobotiX Part Manipulators

RobotiX part manipulators allow you to scan more parts quicker for reduced cycle times and increased productivity. Scanning parts with complex geometries can require you to get scans from different angles. If done manually, someone is required to reposition parts and possibly change out fixtures. Time is wasted as each time the X-ray tube shuts off and the door has to open and close. Our RobotiX part manipulators can eliminate wasted time by repositioning parts as needed for each scan.

X5000 RobotiX Automated Industrial CT Scanning System


  • Automatic part loading/unloading for autonomous operation
  • Part manipulation for scanning objects with complex geometry
  • Reduced cycle time for increased productivity
  • Simple user interface with sub-routines
  • Seamless integration with efX-DR & efX-CT
  • 6 Axis
  • Reach & capacity dependent upon application
  • Up to ±0.00079 in (± 0.02 mm) repeatability
  • OSHA compliant safety fence for RobotiX loaders
  • Fanuc M-20iD/35 robot
  • 35 kg (77 lb) max payload
  • 480 Vac +10%, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, 30 Amp robot power requirement
  • Robot mounted on angled pedestal
  • Mount is anchored to floor
  • Safety fence with sliding gate
  • Supports electronic and pneumatic grippers

Cabinet extended by 32″ from the standard X5000 system cabinet

Fanuc M-20iD/25 Robot

Robot mounted to the base of the X5000 manipulator

Manipulator in front of cabinet, robot in the back

Supports pneumatic grippers

  • X-ray Energies from 10 kV – 450kV
  • Minimum Focal Spot Size: ~900 nm
  • Nominal Part Envelope: 32 x 48 in [81 x 121 cm]
  • Maximum Focal Distance: 47 in [119.4 cm]

X5000 RobotiX Automated Industrial CT Scanning System


X5000 RobotiX Automated Industrial CT Scanning System


X5000 Automated Robotic X-ray System

X5000 RobotiX Automated Industrial CT Scanning System

Automated CT Scanning System

Robotic X-ray scanning systems make batch scanning, loading and unloading, and part manipulation effortless.

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