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This technique was developed for the scanning of elongated objects that traditionally cannot fit into a single exposure. The scan does not require volume stitching and the object length is only limited by the system scanning area.

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This technology can significantly improve throughput (technique dependent) by making more efficient use of projection data. VorteX also allows for uniform resolution in axial and sagittal slices across the entire volume and reduces or eliminates the cone angle artifacts caused by flat, planar features common in non-spiral CT techniques.

VorteX Elongated Parts, Single Scan


VorteX Advanced X-Ray Scanning

VorteX Elongated Parts, Single Scan

Elongated Parts, Single Scan

VorteX spiral CT is one of the most innovative developments offered in the industry. VorteX is an automated single pass computed tomography scanning technique utilizing spiral acquisition and reconstruction with a digital flat-panel detector. Elongated Parts? No Problem.

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