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Qualification of Digital Radiography Within Aerospace Webinar

Posted on June 30, 2023
Qualification of Digital Radiography within Aerospace

This webinar is an explanation on how to verify that your DR/CT process is qualified for aerospace use. This will also cover verification of image quality for 2D and 3D radiographs, qualifying the DR and CT process for aerospace in relation to industry standards, personal qualification, machine qualification, technique qualification, verifying DR and CT image quality for detection of defects, and providing enough pixel density on defects for proper detection.

Even if you aren’t in the aerospace industry, you will learn a lot of valuable information that can help in any DR and CT NDT application!

This webinar was hosted by Aerospace Testing International as part of their NDT week.

Speaker Bio

Alex Wensman

NAS 410 DR and CT Level 2, 7+ years of aerospace industry digital radiography experience.

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