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Simulations for NSI DR and CT Systems

efX-Sim can be configured as a digital twin to our standard systems, which enables technique development without occupying or interrupting a physical system. Thanks to its speed, you can quickly test if a part’s material properties, size, and orientation are compatible with specific X-ray systems.


Import Parts, Assemblies, and Fixtures

efX-Sim allows you to see how X-rays interact with your part. Simply import your parts or assemblies using 3D CAD files or CT scan data then set the material of each model. You can even build your own alloy mixes to accurately represent your part.


Simulate X-ray Interaction with Parts and Alloys

efX-Sim uses a sophisticated X-ray algorithm that simulates how a polychromatic x-ray beam interacts with parts, alloys, and even multiple materials at once. This algorithm is GPU-accelerated, allowing the simulation to be run interactively. This means that any change to the system or parts being simulated will update the final detector image immediately, without the significant delay associated with non-interactive simulations.


Export STL of Part Orientation for Fixture Design and 3D Printing

efX-Sim can assist in developing fixturing setups that are required to examine critical areas, verify achieved resolution, and capture the details and defects you need. Part position and orientation can be exported to an STL file to develop 3D printable physical fixtures.


Develop 2D and 3D Techniques with Motion Programs

Techniques and motion programs that are prototyped in efX-Sim can be used on the original system as real, physical techniques and fixtures. Created fixtures can even be exported to CAD software to develop 3d printable physical fixtures.

efX-Sim X-ray Image Simulation & Offline Programming

More Information

  • Simple and intuitive user interface​
  • Customer configurable platform​
  • Fast image processing using GPU​
  • Seamless integration with the efX software suite​
  • Compatible & interoperable​ TIF, PNG & DCM image formats​
  • CT slice compatible​
  • Command line mode​
  • Folder monitoring​
  • Copy/Move/Delete input images​​
  • Process control incorporation

efX-Sim is useful for:

  • Offline Technique Development
  • Motion Programming
  • Image Simulation
  • Training

efX-Sim X-ray Image Simulation & Offline Programming


efX-Sim Offline Programming Software

efX-Sim X-ray Image Simulation & Offline Programming

X-ray Image Simulation & Offline Motion Programming

efX-Sim is a digital twin of your NSI X-ray system that allows for full off-line programming, technique development, X-ray image simulation and X-ray system training.

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