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Fast, Easy Measurement of Focal Spot for Accurate, High-Resolution Imaging

Posted on January 1, 2024

X-ray focal spot measure

Author & Contributors:

Sean Anderson, Camaron Lemmer, Lucas Determan, Brett Muehlhauser


The growing utilization of X-ray inspection as a measurement tool highlights the critical importance of measurement accuracy. One significant factor that directly impacts accuracy is the precise characterization of the X-ray focal spot, as it influences the resolution and unsharpness of radiographic images. Changes in the size and shape of the focal spot over time necessitate rapid and precise characterization before the measurement, to ensure the optimal scan technique is utilized. In this paper, we present an automated inline focal spot inspection method that enables on-the-fly technique optimization, providing high-quality images to meet demanding accuracy and stringent image quality standards.

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Computed Tomography
X-Ray Inspection

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