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Fast High Energy CT – Pushing New Boundaries with High Energy (MeV) Computed Tomography

Posted on November 29, 2022
Fast High Energy X-ray CT
Camaron Lemmer, Global Responsible Level 3 at North Star Imaging, presents on recent updates to the High Energy Linear Accelerator Technology. This material was originally presented at the ASNT Annual Fall Conference 2022. He will discuss examples of methods for qualifying an MeV System for contrast, sensitivity, resolution, and overall image quality. Additionally, how Representative Quality Indicators are a continuous development tool with system and technique applications for DR and CT.
Once the system or technique has been qualified this can now be applied to the actual parts being imaged. Camaron will give examples of how the user can now apply the qualification data to real-world parts.
He will then redefine what is possible on the real-world parts (Inconel Turbine Blade, Iron Piston, Stainless Steel Tube Weld) to prove how fast we can go with high energy linear accelerator CT scans. This opens the doors for Production CT on large, thick, and dense product that was not possible with 450kV or less.

Speaker Bio

Camaron Lemmer

Camaron Lemmer, a Global Responsible Level 3 & RSO, ASNT RT L3 #202808 at North Star Imaging. He has worked as an Aerospace Responsible Level III with oversight of a film and DDA radiography production lab. He also had oversight of liquid penetrant inspection, visual inspection, tensile testing, and spectrometer testing. Camaron has worked with DDA technology for over 10 years for both DR and CT applications. He developed the necessary programs, and gained approval as the first NADCAP DDA lab in the world. Camaron has worked with a variety of Aerospace Prime end users on developing successful digital radiographic programs for meeting all ASTM and specific end user requirements.

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