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Industrial X-ray Technical Training

X-ray University™ Training

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X-ray University™ provides the technical training you need for Industrial Digital Radiography (DR) and Computed Tomography (CT). Our support begins with New Operator Training when you buy one of our systems or onboard a new operator. Your learning continues with in-person and online classes, on demand advanced training, and on-site training.

X-ray University Learning Pathways

New Operator Training
for CT, DR, or DR/Production

Classroom Courses
(In-person or Online Learning)

On Demand or On-Site
Specialized and Advanced Courses

New Operator Training

Our New Operator Training packages give you the flexibility to select when, where, and how you learn to operate our equipment for your testing or inspection needs. This training is available for all new system purchases or when onboarding new operators at your company. The curriculum is in accordance with ASNT No. SNT-TC-1A / NAS 410 / MAI / FWGIDR compliance.

New Operator Training Topics:

  • System safety features and operation
  • Proper initial system startup and use
  • Proper system shutdown sequence
  • System PC operation and instruction; data repositories, network mapping, data transfer, manuals, and program files.
  • Equipment walk around / explanation of components and location
  • HMI review
  • System motion control and programming
  • efX software suite review covering efX DR, View, CT & production module, if applicable
  • DR acquisition review; covering tube, rotational stage, and detector attributes
  • Basic imaging of components and attributes
  • CT acquisition and reconstruction attributes
  • Production module setup and review (if applicable)
  • Process controls

New Operator Training Packages


At NSI’s Facility

  • 5 full days onsite at NSI for new operator training.
    • In-person training all week at NSI (Rogers location).
    • Customer system option, used in conjunction with buyoff, train customer for the full week.
    • NSI equipment option, use equipment with similar functionality (SubpiX, MosaiX).
  • eLearning’s included for pre and post training (prior to and after visiting NSI as a refresher).
    • eLearning provided two weeks prior and one month after onsite training.

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Hybrid Experience

  • Hybrid Training (5 total days of training)
    • Access to a 2-day self paced eLearning’s program, up to two weeks in advance of visit.
    • A scheduled 3-day onsite visit for a deeper dive after customer eLearning completion.
  • eLearning’s provided two weeks prior and one month after onsite training.

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Full Virtual Experience

  • 5 full days of remote / interactive new operator training.
  • Included is the self paced 2-day eLearning’s, provided two weeks prior and one month after training.
  • Requires remote access of NSI machine for interactive training between the student and NSI trainer.
  • Interactive live remote instruction includes:
    • Activities and projects for the student to complete
    • Instructor to review via eLearning modules
    • Interactive discussion, Q&A’s, customer specific application

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Classroom Courses (In-person or Online Learning)

X-ray University classroom courses allow you to learn in-person at NSI or through our self-paced online training platform. You have the ability to choose whatever learning method works best for you. Our classroom courses provide you or your employees with the required education to achieve Level I, II, or III certifications in accordance with ASNT No. SNT-TC-1A / NAS 410.

Classroom Course Training Topics:

  • DR / CT Level 1 and DR level 2
    • Curriculum in accordance with ASNT No. SNT-TC-1A / NAS 410 / MAI / FWGIDR compliance.
  • General radiography and CT theory
  • General and specific technique development process
  • Basic and advanced use of NSI hardware and software
  • System performance optimization
  • Data analysis
  • Trouble shooting

Classroom Training Methods

In-Person Classroom Training

  • Interactive classroom settings help promote the exchange of ideas between the instructor and participants. Questions can be answered as they arise, and group discussions can further illuminate topics.
  • Practical hands-on training helps verify that the participant thoroughly understands the theory, principles, and application.
  • Adherence to a structured and ASNT-validated class schedule ensures that training takes place in a short, set timeframe while meeting ASNT requirements.
  • The latest version of our efX-DR software allows for simulations during classroom training.

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Online Classroom Training

  • Participants learn at their own pace and on their schedule with online tools that provide flexibility for individual learning styles.
  • Virtual workstations are available allowing remote learners to use all NSI software.
  • Includes a DR simulation from any computer with a high-speed internet connection
  • Periodic quizzes keep participants on track. Subjects that require review can be repeated until they are mastered.
  • A comprehensive final exam at the end of each course ensures that the certificate of completion is reflective of the learning by the participant.

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On-Location Training

  • Our courses are available for training at your location.
  • We can also customize courses for you.
  • If you have multiple employees who need training, training at your location is cost effective way to save on travel costs.
  • Our instructor travels to your location.
  • Classes can also be scheduled for first or second shift so your employees are available to work.

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On Demand and On-site Training

X-ray University also offers advanced coursework and hands-on learning at your site, using your equipment and your products. This is a great way for you to learn the application of our technologies for your specific needs and requirements.

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