Higher Resolution, Same Detector.

The Results Speak for Themselves

SubpiX uses a combination of hardware and a proprietary software algorithm to generate images with improved resolution that is typically double of what the detector alone is capable of achieving.

SubpiX Advantages

  • Overall higher resolution
  • Better SNR and CNR values
  • Provides larger Field of View for a given resolution
  • May allow the use of mini-focus tubes where micro-focus were previously required
  • Larger Focal Spots can produce higher photon counts allowing higher frame rates for faster acquisitions

See SubpiX in Action

More articles and information about SubpiX advanced X-ray scanning

SubpiX: An Advanced CT Scanning Technique

SubpiX: An Advanced CT Scanning Technique

A traditional cone-beam CT scanning technique will often drive enough fidelity. However, what about those applications where it is not possible to achieve a small enough voxel with a single CT scan? NSI has solved this problem by developing an advanced scanning technique called SubpiX

Advantages of Using Advanced Industrial X-Ray Scanning Styles (Vortex, Subpix, and Mosaix)

Advantages of Using Advanced Industrial X-Ray Scanning Styles (Vortex, Subpix, and Mosaix)

Standard cone beam scanning is sufficient for many applications, but what about the applications where you cannot fit the part in a single detectors view?

Optimizing Defect Detectability

Optimizing Defect Detectability

Setting up a computed tomography scan can be a complicated task when trying to optimize defect detectability. There are many parameters that can be adjusted, and many of them have a direct or inverse relationship with other parameters for your scan.

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