Advanced CT (CT Level II) (40 Hours)

Industrial X-Ray Technical Training Class

This course is for the advanced CT system user who already has a strong understanding of digital X-ray principals and is ready to take their CT scanning to the next level. The DR and CT (Level I) class is strongly recommended as a preparation for this course.

Attendees will learn advanced CT acquisition and reconstruction techniques for use in nearly all industries. Topics include: advanced technique development, fixturing for successful scans, understanding scan speed, sensitivity and resolution and the trade-offs associated with each, product evaluation requirements and RQI’s, managing data set size, optimizing scan geometry, understanding factors relating to measurements and dimensional accuracy, advanced techniques for quality reconstructions, and much more.

This course includes curriculum for CT Level II personnel training as recommended in ASTN SNT-TC-1A.

Advanced CT Scan Acquisition - Classroom

  • Optimizing Fixturing for Image Quality & Production Speed
  • Optimizing the Digital Radiography Technique & Equipment for High Quality CT Scans
  • X-ray Imaging Techniques and Tools
    • Use of Beam Hardening Filters
    • Use of Collimators and Shutters
    • Use of Masking
    • Scatter reduction Techniques
  • Specific Product evaluation Requirements
  • Software Tools for Image Quality Measurements
  • Optimizing Setup Geometry
  • Optimizing Contrast and Latitude
  • Optimizing Gain / Offset Corrections (DDA)
  • Critical Questions in Technique Development
  • Use Of Known Defect Standards
  • Factors of Detectability
  • Radiation Dose of Product
  • Data Set Acquisition
    • Optimizing the number of Projections
    • Standard and High Speed CT Acquisitions
    • Optimizing CT Resolution
    • Multi Part scanning
    • Local Scanning
    • Expanded Area Scanning
  • Acquisitions for 4D
    • Personnel Qualification Requirements: New Industry Standards for CT

Advanced CT Software Training - Classroom

  • 5-steps CT Reconstruction Review
  • The Advanced CT reconstruction mode
  • Advanced Surface extraction
  • Understand the CT Geometry
  • Advanced Fine Adjustment – Reference X
  • Beam Hardening Correction
  • Shift Correction
  • Multi Intensity Scanning
  • Measuring with CT and Calibration

Lab Portion

Perform advanced CT technique development, acquisitions, and reconstructions using advanced software features.

This course is worth 40 Contract Hours that can be applied to various industry certification and continuing education requirements including ASNT, SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410 and MAI/FWG-IDR.

Dates & Registration

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