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Industrial X-Ray Technical Training Class

DR and CT (Level I)

This course benefits NSI system users in all industries and would be considered the basic starting point for training. The course provides the fundamental curriculum for those using Digital Radiography (DR) and Computed Tomography (CT) for performing failure analysis, research and development, product screening, inspection and much more. Attendees will receive a comprehensive breakdown of the basics of DR and CT through a combination of lecture, computer lab, and handout materials.

Topics include: X-ray imaging system attributes, capabilities and maintenance, DR and CT technique development principals, understanding magnification, resolution and image blur, process controls, system and technique qualification, image fidelity, and much more.

This course is worth 40 training contact hours for Level I DR or CT for various industry certification and continuing education requirements including ASNT SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410 and MAI/FWG-IDR.