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Posted on September 27, 2021

When a company purchases a system from North Star Imaging, they aren’t just buying an X-ray system to evaluate parts, they are gaining a partnership with our company. We are committed to working together with our customers to make sure they have a top-notch user experience. Understanding how to operate a system, how to use the software and how to get the best images possible is just as important as the quality of the machine. In X-ray, there are always technique improvements, system tweaks and upgrade options to explore. North Star Imaging is committed to making sure our customers are aware of all their options and we have an excellent service team they can count on. Our success depends upon your success!

Developing a good scan technique can take time and practice. When I’m out training new customers, I see a lot of common practices that could be improved upon, so I’ve put together a couple of useful technique development tips.

Below is an example of a DR image of a tubing weld:

In the above image, the technique was not optimized for signal level or contrast as indicated by the data being positioned only on the left side of the histogram

In this technique both signal level and contrast have been improved as indicated by the data being spread across the whole histogram.

In the following application, we will discuss a simple hardware optimization for the evaluation of batteries.

In this image, the spread of the histogram indicates a technique with good signal levels and high contrast. The width of the image however, is greater than the height which indicates that there is an opportunity for improvement in resolution if the detector can be rotated. NSI systems allow for rectangular detectors to be rotated 90 degrees.

In the image below, the panel has been rotated and the geometric magnification has been increased, filling more of the detector’s active area

In addition to our on-site customer training, we offer an excellent in-house training course. These courses give you the best opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most skilled people in the X-ray community. In these classes, you will learn more advanced technique set ups, get more in-depth hands-on software training and have the ability to work alongside the instructors. When attending the classes, our instructors are happy to answer your questions regarding specific applications and technique development. In non-proprietary applications, the questions can be used in class as an example to share techniques across many different industries. Let us know if you have any specific questions we can answer for you today!



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