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Industrial X-Ray Technical Training

Industrial 4D CT

Pre-requisite Courses: DR and CT (Level I) or Advanced DR (DR Level II) and CT Intro

This 2-day course is beneficial to customers who already have a 4D CT software package. It will be conducted at the customer’s site.

With a combination of lectures and hands-on lab sessions, this course will help you understand how 4D CT can be used to reconstruct a complete 3D CT model that includes time and motion, creating a dynamic volumetric dataset. Attendees will learn part set-up, techniques, acquisition, reconstruction, playback, video, and more.

Different application examples including mechanical assembly, battery degradation, stresses, strains, fluid absorption, functionality, welds, fluid flow, and more will be covered through video demonstration, classroom discussions, or instructor-guided hands-on exercises using a dedicated reconstruction work-station.

This course may be applied to various industry certification and continuing education requirements. Contract hours and credits are dependent on course length.