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Industrial X-Ray Technical Training

Imaging with an LDA (Linear Diode Array) Detector

Pre-requisite Courses: DR and CT (Level I) or Advanced DR (DR Level II) and CT Intro

This 2-day course is designed to help you optimize the use of your LDA detector. It will be conducted at the customer’s location.

With a combination of lectures and hands-on lab sessions, this course will cover various application examples highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of using an LDA as compared to a DDA. Attendees will learn the importance of system alignment and how it can drastically affect the results of your scanned images, different techniques to reduce scatter, the proper use of tube and detector collimation, and the use of the timer shutter. This course will cover both 2D and 3D CT applications.

This course may be applied to various industry certification and continuing education requirements. Contract hours and credits are dependent on course length.