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High Energy CT of a Rocket Nozzle Webinar

Posted on July 8, 2022

Camaron Lemmer, Global Responsible Level 3 at North Star Imaging, gives an introduction to the importance of Representative Quality Indicators (RQI) and how an engineer can implement these throughout the manufacturing process. In this webinar the average technician, CT advocate, or advanced engineer will be given an example of application of an RQI for validation of defect detection, defining assisted discontinuity recognition parameters (ADR), finite element analysis (FEA) on 3D CT data, and metrology validation of the manufacturing process.

Delegates will learn:
– Defining Representative Quality Indicator (RQI) and examples
– RQI best practices
– ADR and segmentation of volumetric defects
– Metrology and CT applications
– FEA on as manufactured planar type defects in additive parts

This webinar was hosted by Aerospace Testing International as part of their NDT week.

Speaker Bio

Camaron Lemmer

Camaron Lemmer, a Global Responsible Level 3 & RSO, ASNT RT L3 #202808 at North Star Imaging. He has worked as an Aerospace Responsible Level III with oversight of a film and DDA radiography production lab. He also had oversight of liquid penetrant inspection, visual inspection, tensile testing, and spectrometer testing. Camaron has worked with DDA technology for over 10 years for both DR and CT applications. He developed the necessary programs, and gained approval as the first NADCAP DDA lab in the world. Camaron has worked with a variety of Aerospace Prime end users on developing successful digital radiographic programs for meeting all ASTM and specific end user requirements.

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