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Converting from Film Radiography to Digital Radiography

Posted on October 6, 2019

When converting from Film Radiography to Digital Radiography, you may have some customers that are initially reluctant to let you evaluate their products with Digital Radiography.


No matter what the subject, this is a common response from people when converting from one technology to another. The easiest way to get agreement to use digital x-ray technology is to first respect their concerns, then address each one individually. For almost every occurrence, the following approach will help clear up concerns.

Image Quality

First convince yourself that the digital technique will provide the required image quality. If possible produce a film and digital radiograph of a customer’s product using Image Quality Indicators as well as known defect standards if available. With the right equipment selection, the digital technique should typically be capable of producing equal or better image quality of the known defects and IQIs.

Process Controls

Film Radiography requires specific process controls to assure the image quality and radiograph viewing is sufficient. This is equally important with Digital Radiography. Be prepared to show your customer what process controls are in place with your digital system to assure repeatability of the process as well as long term stability.

Industry Examples

here are many well established ASTM, ISO, and other Industry specifications for performing Digital Radiography. These not only address technique and image quality related requirements but they also provide system qualification and process control requirements. Implementing your Digital Radiography process using these standards will give yourself and your customer a higher level of confidence in your digital imaging of their product.

Apply this approach and you’ll create a new believer in Digital Radiography!


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