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Are you having Problems fitting your entire IQI/Penetrameter within an image due to geometric magnification?

Posted on December 19, 2018

When imaging with micro-focus x-ray tubes and using higher geometric magnifications, it is often the case that the projected image of the plaque IQI (image quality indicator) will not fit onto the detector. At high magnifications one may only be able to image one or two holes with only some or possibly none of the identification visible. In this case, consider the following approach:

New Penetrameter Designs

  • ASTM E1025 -11 (IQI Design Standard Practice) now allows for the use of a “Modified Hole-Type IQI”. Basically we can have an IQI fabricated to any size we need providing we retain the hole sizes, thickness, and identification requirements.

For Example

  • Using an 8”x8” detector for imaging thin wall, small diameter tubing with critical laser weldments at 10 X magnification, the projection of the 1.5 inch long IQI will not fit on the detector ( 10 x 1.5 = 15”). A new IQI scaled to .5“ length will allow you to operate at 10X mag and still see the entire IQI.

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