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NDT Talks – NASA: Exploring CT for Space Webinar

Posted on December 10, 2020

Welcome to our NDT Talks webinar series. These talks will feature industry experts in the field of Digital Radiography & Computed Tomography sharing their research and knowledge within their field. Our first journey takes us into space, and who better to discuss the topic of Computed Tomography for Space than Doctors James Garvin and Justin Jones of NASA Goddard. Join us for this exciting discussion which was be hosted by NSI’s R&D Technical Fellow and ASNT/NAS410 Level III, Brett Muehlhauser.


Dr. James Garvin

NASA Chief Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

For the past 36+ years he has served NASA as a scientist in various capacities, including his present role as the Chief Scientist of NASA’s flagship science center (Goddard), as well as a member of the MSL/Curiosity Mars rover and Mars Insight Lander science teams. He has also been serving NASA Headquarters as a special science advisor for Mars to the Mars Program Director. In his present capacity, he is helping to plan NASA’s continuing Mars exploration program, catalyze new missions to Mars, Venus, the Moon, and Earth, orchestrate innovative scientific research, and to help integrate human and robotic exploration at the Moon. His Shuttle Laser Altimeter (SLA) experiment flew to Earth orbit on the Space Shuttle twice, and he has been a science Co-Investigator on the Mars Global Surveyor, Canada’s Radarsat-1 (and Radarsat-2), the NEAR-Shoemaker Mission, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the Mars Science Laboratory, Mars InSight lander, and much more.

Dr. Justin Jones

Materials Engineer and the NDE Lead at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Justin is a Materials Engineer and the NDE Lead and Subject Matter Expert for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. Justin says that X-ray CT plays an integral role in NASA NDE, particularly for more challenging inspection demands posed by Additively Manufactured (AM) parts, electronic components, complex mechanical assemblies, and 3D composite structures. At Goddard, they use CT daily to support NASA’s missions via quality assurance, engineering assessments, and to develop new understanding of materials for scientific applications. More recently, Justin has focused efforts on the NDE of AM parts, NDE in support of geology for planetary exploration, and advocating the use of CT for in-space applications.

Brett Muehlhauser

R&D Technical Fellow, ASNT/NAS210 Level 3 at North Star Imaging

Brett Muehlhauser is a Research and Development Technical Fellow at NSI working to continue advancements in Digital Radiography (DR) and Computed Tomography (CT)technologies and applications. Brett has been with NSI for 20 years performing R&D, applications engineering, writing DR and CT training curriculum and teaching these courses to a global audience. He has worked in the field of digital radiography for over 30 years. Brett also worked in the aerospace industry for 15 years performing product development, failure analysis and product evaluations, and has 5 years’ experience in the Nuclear and Industrial structures industry. Brett is an ASNT and NAS 410 Level 3.

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