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The Importance of X-ray Inspection in the Development of Explosives

Computed Tomography for Explosives

During the process of developing explosive devices, it is crucial to inspect certain parts throughout the development. With 3D X-ray CT, we can see what the inside of the assemblies look like without disturbing the internal components. These scans of inert samples show the outside casings and inside elements that make up the explosives. NSI is federally licensed to handle class 1.3 and 1.4 explosives.

In this CT scan of a blasting cap, we look for the integrity of the outside casing along with the granule density. Making sure there is a proper amount of powder, that there are no air pockets, and checking the uniformity of materials is key to determining if the device will function properly when called into service. We can also confirm that there is no foreign material in the powder.

X-ray inspection of a grenade

There are many different pieces to a grenade and failure of a single part can cause catastrophic results. Similar to the blasting cap, we can examine the explosive material. In addition to this, we look at the blasting pin to make sure it is seated correctly and the appropriate contacts are being made in the mechanism. There may also be defects in the structure itself, we are able to inspect for porosity in the materials used to manufacture the pin and the case.