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4D CT – Reconstruct a Complete 3D CT Model that Includes Time and Motion

4D Computed Tomography for Manufacturing

4D X-ray Computed Tomography (4D CT) allows users to reconstruct a complete 3D CT model that includes time and motion, creating a truly dynamic volumetric dataset. Because this is an X-ray Computed Tomography process, both the internal and external structures of an object are obtained. The process does take some time to complete but it can show you what no other technology can show you.

In this 4D CT scan of an electrical connector we are looking at the connector touch points and making sure it matches up properly. We can verify it is making contact in the proper areas and that there is enough surface area and contact to carry the electricity for the intended purpose.

Additionally we are looking for plastic, potting or other materials to make sure they are insulating properly and things are sealed in the right locations.


4D can be used for many different applications including;

  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Battery degradation
  • Stresses
  • Strains
  • Fluid Absorption
  • Functionality
  • Welds
  • Fluid Flow
  • And much more