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Industrial X-ray Inspection Systems

Posted on January 4, 2023

Industrial X-ray inspection systems are utilized across various industries to help manufacturers detect damage or flaws with a material or product. Industrial radiography is a non-invasive method that uses gamma rays or X-rays to illuminate cracks and record them with a detector. The benefit of using industrial X-ray inspection systems are plentiful, and in this blog post, we will outline what they are and what equipment is available on the current market.

How Do Industrial X-ray Inspection Systems Work? 

An industrial X-ray inspection system directs a beam of X-rays at a sample that needs testing. Manufacturers can implement X-ray inspection throughout production for several reasons related to product quality and safety. These include:

  • Detect cracks, fractures and other defects
  • Identifying contaminants
  • Measure components and their inclusions, porosity and thickness
  • Analyze and measure hidden features 

Once the X-rays have been projected through the sample, they are received by a detector placed behind the sample. The detector can convert the X-rays into a recognizable form, either visually or electronically, for further analysis. A crucial benefit to using this method is that it is non-destructive and no damage is inflicted on a sample.

What Applications Benefit from Industrial X-ray Inspection Systems? 

A wide range of applications across several industries benefit from using industrial X-ray inspection systems. These include failure analysis, product quality inspection, research and development, and many other applications in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries.

Key applications are: 

  • Automotive inspection
  • Aircraft inspection
  • Print circuit boards and other electronics
  • Testing metal and castings

As the name suggests, industrial radiography is only used for industrial applications. It is not used for humans or living creatures. Commonly, industrial X-ray systems are fitted with a software suite to support the user. Other benefits include the capability of CAD comparison, analyzing a large amount of information quickly, and measuring deformable components. 

X-ray Inspection Systems with North Star Imaging

North Star Imaging provides an extensive range of X-ray systems. These include 2D digital radiography systems, 3D X-ray computed tomography inspection systems and automated and high-energy X-ray systems. These systems are designed to enhance X-ray applications with outstanding resolution and accuracy. They are modular, providing the flexibility to combine different features to suit your requirements.

Some of the inspection systems available from North Star Imaging include the X25, X3000 and the MeVX series, all of which we will outline in more detail below.


The X25 is a compact system that is ideal for samples of small to medium size. Suitable for both X-ray and CT applications, the X25 comes with integrated efX software, motion control and automated options to support various image processing needs. Typical applications of the X25 include assembly verification, failure analysis, 2D and 3D metrology and many more.


If you work with a range of sample sizes, then the X3000 could be the right equipment for you. It can inspect small and large components and is frequently used for internal and external measurements, research and development and reverse engineering. A key benefit of the X3000 is its compactness, as it can analyze a range of samples that usually require a larger piece of equipment.

MeVX series

The MeVX series are high-energy X-ray machines with energies up to 9 MeV. They are easy to use and are also fitted with our efX software suite to enhance a wide range of applications such as the ones mentioned above and others like finite element analysis, product quality compliance and weld and braze quality analysis. 

If your application could benefit from an industrial X-ray inspection system, contact us today for more information. Along with our equipment, we also provide support and training to all our clients – should they require it!

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