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ASNT Advanced Imaging for NDT Conference


Cincinnati, OH

Brett Muehlhauser and Camaron Lemmer will be presenting on the topic of Optimization of the full DR & CT Inspection Process for Production Environments

Speaker Bio

Brett Muehlhauser is a Technical Fellow at NSI working to continue the advancement of CT and DR technologies. Brett has been with NSI for 23 years performing R&D, applications engineering, and teaching DR and CT courses to a global audience. He has over 35 years of experience in Digital X-ray Imaging. Prior to NSI, Brett worked in the aerospace industry for 15 years, performing product development, failure analysis and product evaluations. Brett has been an ASNT and NAS 410 Level 3 for over 38 years and is actively involved in the development of ASTM standards for CT and DR.

Camaron Lemmer is a Product Manager & ASNT/NAS 410 Level 3 at North Star Imaging. He has worked as an Aerospace Responsible Level 3 with oversight of a film and DDA radiography production lab. He also had oversight of liquid penetrant inspection, visual inspection, tensile testing, and spectrometer testing. Camaron has worked with DDA technology for over 16 years for both DR and CT applications. He developed the necessary programs and gained approval as the first NADCAP DDA lab in the world. Camaron has worked with a variety of Aerospace Prime and Defense end users on developing successful digital radiographic programs for meeting all ASTM and specific end user requirements. He has been a Level 3 for over 10 years.