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Industrial X-Ray Technical Training Classes

North Star Imaging offers technical training programs for Level I, II and III technician certification in accordance with American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT), NAS 410, and other industry standards for certification in radiography methods. 

Training Classes

This course addresses the implementation of new requirements within the industry standards for Digital Radiography of Castings using Digital Detector Arrays (Flat Panel Detectors). Subjects include DR System & Technique Qualification, Process Controls…

This course provides the materials necessary for a comprehensive understanding and implementation of Digital Radiography in some of the most stringent industries. It is designed to accommodate those transitioning from film to digital technologies as well…

This advanced Computed Tomography course includes advanced CT Scan Acquisition, advanced CT software training, and a lab portion. Learn new skills and techniques for high quality CT scans that will optimize image quality and production speed. Enhance…

Interactive Training

This training program is written in a down to earth, understandable format covering the practical application of radiation safety.

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