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What is Digital Radiography?

Digital Radiography, or DR for short, is a 2D X-ray inspection method using a digital X-ray detector in place of X-ray film. DR allows for real-time X-ray inspection of your part or object - no more waiting for film to process! You can make scan adjustments on the fly and also apply digital image enhancements quickly and easily – saving you time.

Digital Radiography detectors are designed to be used time after time, helping to eliminate the cost of consumables – saving you money.

North Star Imaging’s Digital Radiography systems are designed to make your business and your team as efficient as possible. Programmed and repeatable inspection sequences, easy to use software and superior image quality lets you focus more monitoring your product quality while also increasing throughput.

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What is Computed Tomography?

3D Computed Tomography (CT) is a nondestructive scanning technology that allows you to view and inspect the external and internal structures of an object in 3D space. Computed Tomography works by taking hundreds or thousands of 2D Digital Radiography projections around a 360 degree rotation of an object. Proprietary algorithms are then used to reconstruct the 2D projections into a 3D CT volume, which will allow you to view and slice the part at any angle.

3D CT virtually eliminates interpretation errors and opens the door to many capabilities; some not available with any other technology. These capabilities include:

  • Internal and external measurements
  • 3D CAD comparisons
  • Void analysis
  • Surface reconstructions for reverse engineering
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • And much more

North Star Imaging Computed Tomography systems are the easiest to use in the industry. NSI’s efX-CT software uses five simple steps to guide you through the CT scanning process and have you inspecting your product in no time – increasing your quality and efficiency.

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