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Preventative Maintenance

X-ray systems need regular maintenance to ensure that the X-ray set remains free from contamination. North Star Imaging offers 3 tiers of preventative maintenance, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Purchasing a preventative maintenance agreement will:

  • Prevent downtime due to unnecessary failures
  • Extend the life of your system
  • Maximize equipment performance
  • Minimize maintenance costs
X-ray System Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance programs include a periodic 13 Point Inspection:

1. Clean and adjust X-ray tubes, replace o-rings and adjust controllers to manufacturer’s specifications

2. Clean, inspect, set, compression and reapply dielectric grease

3. Vacuum system check and change oil if applicable

4. Clean cooler and test safety switches

5. Clean and verify adjustments on the HT generators to preserve tube filament life

6. Clean, inspect, and lubricate manipulator

7. Test and adjust shutter

8. Test and adjust safety interlocks and safety lamps

9. Test power and supplies then adjust to factory specifications

10. Inspect for proper cable drape

11. Verify cooler operation

12. Perform a radiation safety survey with documentation

13. Perform an imaging system alignment verification

On-site Support

Factory trained and authorized system specialists are available for training, service, and installations. Our team installs new systems, replaces X-ray tubes, and performs preventative maintenance.

X-ray system relocation support

System Relocation Support

North Star Imaging’s Service Department specializes in X-ray system relocation support. Whether you’re moving your system across town or across the globe, let us assist you with moving your system and help ensure that it is properly cared for during the disassembly and reassembly. Our team of technicians are factory trained and experienced with moving our systems and will be able to help ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Helping to protect your investment is always one of our top priorities.

We offer replacement X-ray tubes, detectors, and additional components.



X-Ray Tubes

NSI offers nearly every type of Industrial X-ray Tube available to meet your inspection needs.

We offer:

  • Nano-focus X-ray Tubes / Submicron X-ray Tubes
  • Micro-focus X-ray Tubes
  • Mini-focus X-ray Tubes
  • Standard Focus X-ray Tubes
  • Demountable X-ray Tubes / Open X-ray Tubes
  • Closed X-ray Tubes
  • Through Transmission X-ray Tubes
  • 450kV High Energy X-ray Tubes



X-ray Detectors

NSI partners with nearly all of the manufacturers of Industrial Digital X-ray Detectors to offer you the most effective solution for your X-ray application.

We offer:

  • Digital Flat Panel Detectors (FPD) up to 16″ in size.
  • Linear Diode Array Detectors (LDA) up to 36″ in size.

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