North Star Imaging at iCT 2017

NDT Industry News, Updates and Announcements

North Star Imaging will be an exhibitor at the 7th Conference on Industrial Computer Tomography (CT) from February 7-9 in Leuven, Belgium. Industry leaders and specialists from Europe, the USA and Asia will be gathering for this 3-day event to discuss the work they are doing and new research in CT for non-destructive testing.

Some of the industry experts will be sharing how CT is applied for testing in industries such as aerospace, automotive, research and science to determine material characteristics, internal measurements, finite element analysis, void and failure analysis, reverse engineering and much more.

NSI Europe ManagerNorth Star Imaging’s European Director of Operations, Olivier Haenel, will be an industry presenter at this event, talking about new developments in CT.  To learn more about these new CT developments from North Star Imaging contact