Our family of X-ray software innovations that work as hard as you do.

Our Innovations Team is dedicated to listening to our customers and developing new technologies to best serve their wants and needs. Each new innovation is designed to improve capabilities, increase speed, or downright create a solution the industry has never seen before.

SubpiX uses a redesigned motion system and a proprietary algorithm to generate images with improved resolution that is typically double of what the detector alone is capable of achieving.

SubpiX - Subpixel CT Scan

SubpiX Advantages:

  • Overall higher resolution
  • Better SNR and CNR values
  • Provides larger Field of View for a given resolution
  • May allow the use of mini-focus tubes where micro-focus were previously required
  • Larger Focal Spots can produce higher photon counts allowing higher frame rates for faster acquisitions
SubpiX - Subpixel CT Scan

MosaiX utilizes a redesigned manipulator and a proprietary algorithm to stitch multiple images forming one seamless image with a much larger field of view. With MosaiX the effective imaging field of view is no longer limited by the detector panel size, and can now be expanded as large as the cabinet can accommodate.

MosaiX - Multiple CT Scans Stitched Together.

VorteX spiral CT is one of the most innovative developments offered in the industry. VorteX is an automated single pass computed tomography scanning technique utilizing spiral acquisition and reconstruction with a digital flat-panel detector.

VorteX - Less CT Artifacts

Vortex Spiral CT Scan

Do More

This technique was developed for the scanning of elongated objects that traditionally cannot fit into a single exposure. The scan does not require volume stitching and the object length is only limited by the system scanning area.

Save Time

This technology can significantly improve throughput (technique dependent) by making more efficient use of projection data. VorteX also allows for uniform resolution in axial and sagittal slices across the entire volume and reduces or eliminates the cone angle artifacts caused by flat, planar features common in non-spiral CT techniques.

4D X-ray Computed Tomography allows users to reconstruct a complete 3D CT model that includes time and motion, creating a truly dynamic volumetric dataset. Because this is an X-ray Computed Tomography process, both the internal and external structures of an object are obtained. This new and exciting technology makes it possible to study form, structure and now – function.

Video Gallery

  • 4D CT Scan of an Electrical Connector

  • 4D CT Scan of a Battery Short Circuit

  • 4D CT Scan of a Tensile Fracture

  • 4D CT Scan of a Gear Assembly

  • 4D CT Scan of an Anchor Screw

  • 4D CT Scan of a Thermal Switch

Ring Reduction utilizes a combination of hardware and a proprietary software algorithm to compensate for the irregular response of the detector pixels during a CT scan. This increases quality by reducing artifacts that can mask indications or be misinterpreted as an indication.

Ring Reduction can also improve volume surface quality. Using this feature adds minimal scanning time when compared to a standard scan done without Ring Reduction.

Ring Reduction - Before and After

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