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How can I quickly identify the saturation point of a Flat Panel Detector (Digital Detector Array)?

Flat panel detectors are commonly 14 bit and 16 bit, however the detectors typically saturate at a pixel intensity less than the full dynamic range. It’s not uncommon for a 16 bit detector having 65,536 grey values to begin to saturate at pixel intensities…

How do I scan an elongated object that does not fit into a single X-ray exposure when using Cone Beam CT?

vorteX is a computed tomography technique that provides some of the benefits of Fan Beam CT without the long scan times. vorteX CT allows you to scan elongated objects that cannot fit into a single exposure, thus enabling larger fields of view or higher…

How do I calculate the file size for a digital image?

As the resolution and bit depth of digital detectors continue to improve, the user often gets excited about the improved image quality. Your IT person however may not share your enthusiasm when they see the size of the files being stored. One quick…

What’s an easy way to test if a filter material used for DR and CT is homogenous?

The quality of a material used for beam hardening filtration can be very important. Many materials are not homogenous and therefore create a variation in X-ray attenuation. This variation is easily calibrated out when acquiring detector corrections,…

What’s a quick way to identify what contrast sensitivity is necessary for your Digital Radiography technique to assure you are able to detect a certain type of small inclusion within a product?

It’s often forgotten that image contrast is a critical component in the detectability of anomalies within a product. Too often people develop a false sense of confidence of a DR technique based only on spatial resolution. The reality is that you can…

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