·       Added a vertices count to the Polyline Annotation Views window.


·       Fixed an issue where data reconstructed in efX-ct 2.4 prior to this fix could display incorrectly when loaded at a resolution other than full.

o   Full resolution data never shows this issue.

o   Issue presented itself under very rare circumstances based on volume resolution.

o   Re-reconstruct the data with this version or newer to fix the volume.


·       Fixed an issue where the monitor x-ray down error sound would continue to play after cancelling if it occurred during a gain acquisition.

·       Fixed an issue where the right-click menu for the VorteX top and bottom buttons would be disabled when the positions are set.


·       Added support for VG products version 2024.1

o   Future VG releases are expected to have efX-SDK support, removing the need for the efX-helper program.


·       Creation of packed exe’s for .SubpiX or .MosaiX or .Zdp files is not permitted from the Windows Explorer right-click options. A warning message will be shown when attempting to do so. Use efX-view to export these file types.


·       Fixed issue where libNSI log would prematurely close and not reopen.

·       Fixed issue where the Linac source configuration wasn’t being added to motion program.

·       Fixed issue on Linac systems where the software would not properly close.

·       Fixed issue where the motion program dialog would not list all of the export locations for DR shots.

·       Fixed issue where motion programs would not fail properly when images fail to be written (access to the drive is lost or otherwise).

·       Fixed an issue where motion programs would have a long delay between CT scan acquisitions.

·       Added XRD 3131n support.

·       Added Filter Wheel positional data to motion program dialog. Users can now independently update the Filter Wheel configuration for the step.


·       Fixed issue where when exiting the Reconstruction Wizard before Step 5 could write the volume to the project folder instead of the Reconstruction folder.


·       Fixed an issue with the DR Project LDA shot where enabling it would expand the window automatically to the extent of the monitor.

·       Fixed an issue where using the 2 or 4 line Focal Spot measure would crash if the all of the values under the line were the same (x-rays off with corrections).

·       Fixed an issue where the detector image would not be auto scaled to the window size on startup.

·       Fixed an issue where the Micropositioner port settings would not be saved to file unless the window was closed prior to exiting efX-dr.

·       Improved the user interface of the Micropositioner.

·       No longer cancelling paused scans when the system safeties are broken (port, door or light-curtain).


·       Fixed a section reference in the manual that was undefined.


·       3D histogram has option to keep it on top of other windows, like the 2D histogram already did.

·       Fixed an issue when  searching for tracking points in step 2 where having the ROI box off the image caused issues.


·       Fixed an issue with installing efX-ADR and the Tutorials on a non-admin account.


·       Added an enable toggle for filters that do not have other parameters.


·       During a motion program the current step will always remain in view.

·       When configuring an x-ray tube, the configuration dialog will now auto-populate with the default values.

·       Added the vertical mount option for MESO 450kV in the position visualization.

·       Fixed an issue where the project dialogs would not be resizable.

·       Fixed an issue where efX-dr would take longer to shut down.

·       Fixed an issue where the last detector rotation would not be restored when switching between detectors.

·       Fixed an issue where during step 3 of the ASTM E2737 Lag procedure that the x-rays would shut off immediately instead of 3 seconds into the acquisition and would only take 1 frame averaged image instead of 20 sequenced frames.

·       Fixed an issue where closing the Corrections dialog during a ring reduction CT scan would prompt the user to move back to the start position.

·       Fixed an issue where parameters for an LDA scan would not be properly set during a project.


·       Added beam hardening binning information to the manual.

·       Fixed an issue where a cylinder slice would move sporadically in the 2d view when adjusting the slice size.


·       Added automatic geometry for SubpiX/MosaiX scans.


·       Fixed an issue where when updating preview images would process the next image before finishing processing the current image.

Release 2.4


·       NVIDIA GPU with at least 3.5 CUDA Compute Capability and driver support for CUDA 11

o   Installer tests your system to easily check to see if your hardware and driver is supported.

o   For a full list of GPUs that are supported or not supported, see the CUDA Wikipedia page.

·       Popped out measures can now be kept in front of other windows with the pin button.

·       Fixed issue where dropping ROI type measures would not drop at the mouse click position.

·       Fixed an issue where turning an ROI type measure inside out would save the negative size, inverting the cursor image for resize.

·       Added an option to print out all of the Keyboard Shortcuts into a spreadsheet.

·       Added the option to use the Delete key to remove selected measures from Views window or directly on the image (when highlighted).


·       Added Focal Spot Measure:

o   Use either ASTM2903 or EN12453-5 standard.

o   1, 2 or 4 Line Measuring options.

o   Live measurements and Ug tolerance options.

o   Integrate measured value into the Technique Development window.

o   Can be run from Process Control tab.

o   See manual entry for more information.

·       XRD 4343n now has offset floor controls in the detector section of the Technique development window.

·       Added Notifications button to the Acquisition Wizard progress dialog.

·       Added Notifications button to the Production dialog.

·       Added acquisition type information for motion program DR shot and CT scan steps.

·       Light curtain status in Technique dialog generalized to a “Reset Safety” button, making it consistent with the HMI.

·       Improved handling of detector buffer settings in the event of an invalid settings entry.

·       Fixed an issue with LDA DR Shot controls being hidden when resuming a project.

·       Fixed an issue with acquiring a SubpiX/MosaiX scan with a non-360 range would not rotate back to start position at each tile unless the acquire zero position checkbox was used.

o   Limited angle scans will rotate back to start for each tile.

o   >360 degree scans will rotate back to a multiple of 360.

·       Fixed an issue with geometry refinement for single tile SubpiX not finding tracking points.

·       Fixed an issue where resuming a project that had invalid images in the project folder would prevent opening the project using the acquisition wizard.

·       Fixed an issue where loading a project with a different detector configuration would report an incorrect message about the detector configuration.

·       Improved the VorteX Advanced Parameters window to stop rounding values for “total rotation”.

·       Improved CT project dialog to show proper label and tooltip for the # projections field when using VorteX.

·       Fixed an issue with attempting to initiate x-rays with an X-Ray WorX tube when connection to the x-ray controller was lost.

·       Motion program steps now default to having “keep x-ray on” enabled. Last step in a motion program always shuts off x-rays (ignores “keep x-ray on” option).

·       Fixed an issue for Hamamatsu systems pre-warn not starting for warmup.

·       Changed Linac system default to not power off the Linac controller when disconnecting from efX-dr.

·       Fixed an issue for X-ray WorX systems where a flashover would prevent auto-gains, motion programs and geometry scan acquisition from proceeding without user input.

·       Added a delay to the MosaiX interface when entering Top/Right values so that Bottom/Left values don’t get mistakenly overwritten.

·       Fixed issues related to Live View and Recording motion program step types not working.

·       Improved the efX-dr export to efX-sim process message boxes. Now showing in front of the main window.

·       Fixed cancellation of efX-dr export to efX-sim process when acquiring gains.

·       Fixed the Position Visualization preset cabinet size for the X7000.

·       Added status information when doing a Startup with Xray-WorX. Now reporting when Refresh, Filament Adjust or Center All is active.

·       Properly read x-ray on status on efX-dr startup if x-rays were initiated by X-COM.

·       Fixed an issue where running Production mode and failing to initialize the detector would not exit the software.

·       Added a default Filter wheel speed, so that the speed never gets set to zero when the plc is restarted.

·       Added option to set a detector model rotation for Position Visualization.

·       Fixed an issue with running the E2597 twice in the same instance with different detectors or resolutions.

·       Fixed an issue with DR Calc not updating src-obj and src-det fields properly when switching units.

·       Renaming motion program step properly sets motion program as modified.

·       MosaiX scans properly send notifications when failed or completed.

·       CTRL+R is now the keyboard shortcut to rename a motion program step.



·       Simulation Quality options added:

o   Fast – lowest resolution but fast rendering.

o   Medium – Higher resolution but slightly slower rendering.

o   Precise – Highest resolution but longer rendering using Mesh Simulation.

o   See manual for details.

·       Fixed issues with fixtures not properly loading nor adding to list of fixtures.

·       Fixed an issue with switching modes when a non-default ROI was set would crash efX-sim.

·       Improved display of long fixture names in the drop-down box. Tooltip shows full path.

·       Option to show x-ray centerline added.

·       Fixed issue where detector center crosshairs were not shown.

·       Fixed an issue where using a binning mode would result in a row and column of black pixels.

·       Increased the default speed at which current ramps up.

·       Added option to set a detector model rotation for Position Visualization.



·       Fixed an issue with minimizing the reconstruction wizard at Step 4 while computing adjust slices would make the image pane too large when the window was restored.

·       Fixed several issues with the Batch Surface window not working.

·       Fixed issues related to reconstructing the same volume multiple times in the same instance of efX-ct.

·       Improved cancellation during reconstruction writing phases.

·       Fixed an issue where viewing the radiographs from the Advanced dialog could cause a crash if a filter was added and the parameters were adjusted with “Ignore View Changes” disabled.

·       Fixed an issue in step 2 where adjusting the Geometry images rotate/flip would not apply.

·       Added binning selector for the beam hardening step to allow the user speed up the calculation or increase the resolution of the result images.



·       Added Focal Spot Measure:

o   Use either ASTM2903 or EN12453-5 standard.

o   1, 2 or 4 Line Measuring options.

o   See manual entry for more information.

·       Fixed an issue with exporting images with “Ignore View Changes” on would result in images with the wrong thumbnail seen in windows explorer (image would have the previous image’s thumbnail).

·       Fixed an issue with measures not properly saving View state for .subpix and .mosaix images.

·       When viewing SubpiX/MosaiX images and showing image difference, the user can switch to any tile view and the image difference will still be applied.



·       Fixed an issue where pulling objects from server or another client would fail in certain cases.

·       Fixed an issue where the Search window would throw an error when attempting to copy data locally.