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2D & 3D CT X-Ray Inspection


From Automotive to Aerospace, from Medical Devices to Munitions; Electronics are a major component of nearly every modern product today. Industrial X-ray and Computed Tomography can help find broken bond wires, identify delamination issues or inspect solder joints to make sure that you are never “disconnected.” Our team is ready to help your team take a deeper look inside your most quality-critical components, to know what’s working and what isn’t.

See more, know more.

Electronics are a major component of almost every modern product these days. From Automotive to Aerospace, Medical to Munitions, our 2D and 3D Computed Tomography (CT) X-ray inspection technology will fill your intellect and your quality reports with data-driven insight you used to think was impossible. You’ll get a better picture from every angle:

  • CT scan of broken bond wires, delamination issues and solder joints
  • Check for foreign object debris (FOB) that’s detrimental to electric motor performance
  • Inspect welding used to encase lithium batteries to check for wall thickness
  • And much more