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NSI East Coast Operations Ramp Up

Eric Gingras

Business Development Manager-ISG East Coast

Attendees saw presentations from NSI on CT scanning of additive manufactured parts as well as live demos of digital X-ray and CT scanning technology. Instron demonstrated their new Bluehill® Universal Software and ElectroPuls™ dynamic test system.

An Introduction to CT Scan Image Artifacts

Greg Lehmann

Principal X-ray Engineer

There is no denying that a high resolution industrial X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) system is indispensable to any cutting-edge analysis lab that specializes in either non-destructive or destructive analysis techniques. However, one thing that can set back even the best CT analyst is when there are irritating CT image artifacts obscuring the areas that you are most interested in evaluating for defects.

Dual Tube CT Systems Offer Incredible Versatility

Chris Damhof

Global Channel Sales Representative

A recent and growing trend in the Industrial X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) marketplace is a Dual Tube X-ray/CT System; a system which integrates both a Microfocus and Minifocus tube in the same cabinet. Dual Tube systems can scan a broader variety of products, ranging from small parts requiring high resolution all the way up to large, high-density samples.

Training & Technique Development

Eric Nokk

Technical Support Specialist/Trainer

Developing a good scan technique can take time and practice. When I’m out training new customers, I see a lot of common practices that could be improved upon, so I’ve put together a couple of useful technique development tips.

Replacing Digital Radiography Imaging with High Speed Computed Tomography

Brett Muehlhauser

R&D Technical Fellow - ASNT Level III

With the advances in CT, comes the opportunity to perform very high-speed CT scans of some products. The CT scan can quickly provide a 3D view of all indications as well as their location within a product. With a 3D data set, automatic software routines can be applied with true 3D acceptance criteria applied to assisted and automatic defect recognition (ADR) routines.

robotiX™ – Automation for X-ray Inspection

Tucker Behrns

Engineering Manager

North Star Imaging’s recent robotiX development incorporates the proven technology of industrial robots into our standard line of Digital Radiography (DR) and Computed Tomography (CT) equipment. The goal of this development is to improve system automation as well as incorporate flexibility for the user.

How can 2D and 3D X-ray Imaging Help with Additive Manufacturing?

Sheng Yue

Service and Applications Engineer

Additive manufacturing (AM), sometimes referred to as 3D printing, is believed to be one of the greatest opportunities of our era and has the potential to completely change many business landscapes in the coming years and decades. There are still constraints and challenges in AM that need to be tackled by the combined efforts from scientists, engineers, and decision makers. During this process, with the help of X-ray imaging products and expertise...

Computed Tomography Used in Reverse Engineering

Sam Callander

ISG Business Development

Computed tomography used in reverse engineering saves time and enables easy manipulation of data for analyzing and testing a wide range of components

Behind the Scenes at NSI

Andy Goenner

Project Manager

The operations team has recently taken a significant next step to help better align our building with how we manufacture our systems.

How will NSI software upgrades and software contracts benefit your business?

Justin Wisner

Trainer - Applications Specialist

Before I get into the benefits and value of how NSI software contracts will benefit your business, let’s look back at the history of NSI’s software. The next big thing will make your company run stronger, safer, faster and overall more profitable.

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