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7 Frequently Asked Questions about CT Scanning

1. Can I scan my part?To answer this we need to ensure we are focused and optimized in the right areas by digging deeper in to the goals of the project. First, we review the physical size of the sample, because smaller samples and more localized areas of interest will yield higher resolution data sets. Systems can be as small as desktop and as large as a walk in vault, each…

2D and 3D Comparison to In-situ Process Monitoring

In- Situ Monitoring technology continues to make advancements in numerous Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes.

Internal Integrity and Reverse Engineering of a Plastic Molded Part

This is a great example to show how Computed Tomography (CT) can be used for not only evaluating the internal integrity of a part but also for reverse engineering.

X-ray Inspection of Additive Manufactured Parts

Matt Zachman

Inspection Services Lab Technician

Discover the benefits of using X-ray inspection technology with additive manufacturing parts.

X-ray Inspection of Complex Assemblies

Nate DeRoo

Inspection Services Lab Technician

We scan a lot of amazing things at North Star Imaging and one of the more interesting things we scan are small electric motors. They are complex assemblies so in order to identify the root cause of failure we must identify all the components the motor is connected to.

SubpiX: An Advanced CT Scanning Technique

A traditional cone-beam CT scanning technique will often drive enough fidelity. However, what about those applications where it is not possible to achieve a small enough voxel with a single CT scan? NSI has solved this problem by developing an advanced scanning technique called SubpiX

Getting the Most Out of Your Industrial X-ray System

Matt Dykes

Service Sales Specialist

Preventing system downtime is one of the most critical aspects to ensuring productivity and manufacturing efficiency as well as continued innovation with research and development. Having system issues due to a lack of regular maintenance can greatly hinder production and even bring it to a complete stop.

Advantages of Scanning with VorteX

In the correct application, VorteX can provide significant advantages over conventional cone beam CT. Understanding these advantages greatly expands the versatility of the CT system.

Using X-ray Scanning for Early Detection to Gauge a Parts Quality and Integrity

Nate DeRoo

Inspection Services Lab Technician

Have you ever wondered about how modern science in today’s industries safeguard our lives? Let’s take a closer look at nondestructive testing and how it aids in that process by using industrial digital X-ray scanning for early detection to gauge a parts quality and integrity.

See Beyond the Surface

Sheri Golla

Marketing Specialist

North Star Imaging filled 200 seats at the St. Michael Cinema, near our headquarters in Rogers, Minnesota on May 22nd-23rd for our 2018 Technical Symposium event. Every day these technical experts look for ways to push the limits of technology and nature. But each person using nondestructive X-ray testing has one common goal; to see beyond the surface.

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